Product Description

Coolmax is a sandwich element consisting of non-combustible, asbestos-free sheets based on sodium sillicat. The sheets are laminated by a special pasty material, expanding slightly in case of fire. This sanwich element has excellent cooling effects due to inherent crystal water.  Coolmax sandwich elements are inserted into aluminium and steel profiles.

Test certificate and Building Material Class

P-BRA09-5135606 | A1 = DIN 4102-1 en E = DIN EN 13501


Gross density  1.400 kg/m³
Equilibrium moisture content  25 – 30 %
Moisture behaviour  not constant
Thermal conductivity  at 20ºC [W/mK]: 0.266
Tolerant thickness  +/- 0.3 mm
Tolerant width  2 mm
Tolerant length  -2 mm/+3 mm
Surface structure  harsh
Colour  beige/white


Due to the inherent crystal water, corrosion prone building elements must be protected for moisture when in contact with Coolmax. Subsequent cut edges must be varnished. We recommend Versiegelungslack S 5720 (varnish). It is advised not to use Coolmax in outside systems and applications. Water or damp can cause instability of the product.

Available sizes

  • Thickness: 6-10-14-15-18-20-25-30 mm
  • Width: 2.250 mm
  • Length: 1.220 mm

Other sizes and strips can be supplied on request.

The information in this document is based on our knowledge and experience to date. This information does not release the user from carrying out independent tests and trials due to the various influences when processing and applying our product. It is not possible to derive a guarantee of certain properties of suitability of the product in a concrete application case based on our information. All the descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, conditions, weight etc. included  may change without previous announcement; they do not constitute the contractually agreed property of the product. The recipient of our product is responsible to observe any trade mark rights and existing laws and regulations.

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