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Fireproof Sealant

Fireproof Sealant prevents the spread of fire, smoke and gasses through joints.


Firestop Putty is a foaming sealant with a graphite base. Exposed to fire the material expands ata temperature of 140°C and forms a solid heat-insulating carbon foam. In this way the further spread of fire and smoke is prevented. Firestop Putty is supplied in a user-friendly canister form. The product is solvent-free and does not contain any halogenated compounds, which can cause corrosive or toxic gases in case of fire.

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Fireproof Silicone is a flame-resistant, single-component, neutrally interlocking sealant. It is suitable for internal and external use. The material does not contain any solvents or halogens, which means that no toxic orcorrosive gases are formed in the case of fire. Fireproof Silicone is weather-resistant and elastic.

Opschuimende kit, brandwerende kitten