Fireproof Silicone

Product Description

Fireproof Silicone is an flame-resistant, single-component, neutrally interlocking sealant on a polysiloxane base. It is suitable for internal and external use. The material does not contain any solvent or halogens, which means that no toxic or corrosive gases are formed in case of fire. The silicone is weather-resistant and elastic. It also adheres well to a large range of materials including glass.

Test Certificate

P-HFM 00 4 147 / MPA


Shore A hardness  approx. 27
Components  1
Gross density  1,39 g/cm²
Viscosity  paste-like, stable
Formation of skin (start)  approx. 20 min. at 23°C and 50% humidity
Tensile strength  approx. 1,8 N/mm³
Elongation at break  approx. 550%
Hardening per day  approx. 2 mm
Admissible total deformation  25%
Temperature-resistance  from -40°C to +180°C
Weather-resistance  no influence from weather or temperature, ozone or UV radiation
Storage capabilty  12 months at room temperature
Paintable  not paintable

Possible Applications

Fireproof Silicone is especially suitable for the following applications:

  • Sealing joints between enclosing walls
  • Sealing connections between wall and ceiling and/or floor
  • Sealing window connection joints
  • As a sealant for fire-protection glazing
  • Sealing pipe ducts, cable ducts, ventilation channels etc.


  • Glass: good adhesion without applying primer to glass, ceramic tiles and enamelled bases
  • Porous bases: Kerafix Primer MSP Transparent should be applied to porous bases such as concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, stone and fibrous cement
  • Metal: Kerafix Primer M is recommended on uncoated metals, such as anodised aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper, lead and zinc


The bases must be clean, dry and free from dust and grease.

  • Smoothing: Due to the formation of skin within 15 minutes, press the sealant against the walls of the joint with a jointer or a spaluta and smooth immediately. A mild soap solution prevents adhesion of the sealant to tools. However, avoid getting soap solution between the sealant and the edge of the joint, as this can result in loss of adhesion.
  • Hardening:The material hardens out under the influence of the moisture in the air.

Available sizes

Fireproof Silicone is available in 310 ml canisters in the colours: white – black – grey – brown – transparent.

The information in this document is based on our knowledge and experience to date. This information does not release the user from carrying out independent tests and trials due to the various influences when processing and applying our product. It is not possible to derive a guarantee of certain properties of suitability of the product in a concrete application case based on our information. All the descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, conditions, weight etc. included may change without previous announcement; they do not constitute the contractually agreed property of the product. The recipient of our product is responsible to observe any trade mark rights and existing laws and regulations.

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