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Fiboard Glue S

Product Description

Fiboard Glue S is an all-purpose cold adhesive designed for bonding and joining various materials together, such as: concrete, wood, steel, stone and glass.
The adhesive is used in the production of: doors, vaults, floors, walls, ducts, safety containers etc.
Fiboard Glue S can also be used as a heat-resistant filler.


Physical condition at 20°C  pasta
pH value  11 – 12
Expansievolume  ca. factor 25
Boiling  100°C (water)
Density  1,8 g/qcm
Vapor pressure 20°C  23 mbar (water)
Viscosity  66 – 74 Pas
Flash point (°C)  none
Auto-ignition temperature(°C)  none
Explosion limits  this product is not hazardous
Packaging  2 kg
Smell  odorless
Colour  light yellow

Guides for use

  • The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
  • Light sanding of the surface increases the adhesion.
  • Spread the glue evenly and press it lightly onto the fire material.

Applications and processing

  • When used at room temperature and with an average humidity, the drying time is about 36-48 hours.
  • The drying of this product may vary, depending on temperature, humidity, porosity, volume etc.
  • Drying can be accelerated by heating, with a maximum of 90°C.
  • The advesive strength does not diminish over time.
  • Adhesive residues can be removed with boiling water / steam.


The adhesive must be stored in its original packaging in a dry, cool area (but protect against freezing). Avoid contact with aluminum and acid.


The information in this document is based on our knowledge and experience to date. This information does not release the user from carrying out independent tests and trials due to the various influences when processing and applying our product. It is not possible to derive a guarantee of certain properties of suitability of the product in a concrete application case based on our information. All the descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, conditions, weight etc. included may change without previous announcement; they do not constitute the contractually agreed property of the product.
The recipient of our product is responsible to observe any trade mark rights and existing laws and regulations.